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Lando Stillness

Orlando Bloom Icon Challenge

Lando Stillness Icon Challenge
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Icon Challenge
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Welcome to lando_stills, an icon challenge community dedicated to the British actor, Orlando Bloom.
Stillness means that the icons cannot be animated, ever.
Creator: _elissabeth_
Mod:tularia, nverland
I need more - apply HERE!

Profile Header: anyzratak
Layout Header: stormatdusk
Layout Code: interlinea
Profile Code: _elissabeth_

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[x] Icons must fit the Live Journal standards: No bigger than 40 KB, in either JPG, GIF or PNG format.
[x] The contest will be anonymous, so please do not post your icons elsewhere, including your own journal.
[x] Most challenges will have its own set of guidelines.
[x] Don't post the icons anywhere else until voting is closed and the winners of that challenge are announced.
[x] No animation. That's the main point in stillness. Animated icons will be disqualified.
[x] You must make a new icon for each challenge.
[x] Challenge entries will be unlocked once the winners are announced.
[x] All icons are considered snaggable with credit unless the creator specifies otherwise when they post them for entry into the challenge.
[x] If all the rules stated above are not followed the icon will be disqualified.

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You must be a member of the community to enter!
[x] Make sure to host them on a server that allows hotlinking! We recommend either Photobucket.com or tinypic.com. If your icon doesn't show up it won't be featured in the contest.
[x] All comments will be screened in the submission posts.
[x] Post the icons in a comment to the challenge post in IMG SRC form:

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[x] You'll only be able to vote for 3 icons (unless stated otherwise) so choose carefully!
[x] Anonymous votes won't be accepted, but you do not have a to be a member of this community to vote.
[x] Don't ask people to come vote for you. That is just incredibly lame.
[x] You also can't vote for your own icons. That way you'll get disqualified or even banned.
[x] Every week, one icon from each challenge will receive a Mod's Choice award (providing we have enough entries to qualify).
[x] The winners will receive banners made by the chosen banner makers!
[x] At the end of the year,there will be a voting for "best icon of the year" with the winner icons of the month.

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[x]Challenge Starts: Sunday/Monday
[x]Icon Submitting period: 2 weeks from posting. Ends on Friday.
[x]Voting: Saturday & Sunday (unless otherwise specified)
[x]Winners Announced: Monday/Tuesday
note:There can be some last minute changes or special timelines depending on the challenge
Not sure about the time differences? Look here.

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